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Radiant skin, sun kissed with a dark tan, has somewhat become a canon of beauty that most of us strive to achieve. Whenever the opportunity arises, we expose our bodies to the sun, greedily absorbing every ray. That said, if the weather does not favor sunbathing or we want to prepare our skin before the holiday season, or even more – to preserve our tan – we use indoor tanning. We do all of this for one simple reason - we want to be beautiful! Regardless of whether we decide on indoor tanning, or tanning in the sun, we are all in for a different result. You've surely noticed that some people tend to achieve the desired dark tone very quickly, while others cannot tan at all. What affects the shade of your tan? See for yourselves.

The level of melanin in your skin affects the shade of tan

It’s all down to the level of melanin in your skin. People with fair skin simply have less of it. Because of this, they are prone to redness and even sunburn. Their tan is much more likely to be pink or red, while dark-skinned people can quickly enjoy a dark tan. But let’s not forget that they are at risk of sunburn too. How to get that perfect tan, redness- and streak-free, regardless of what skin tone you have?

Tanning lotion affects shade of your tan!

The selection of the right tanning products is the key to achieving a dark tan. If you are a fan of indoor tanning, you can use professional tanning products to enjoy the delightful dark skin effect much faster and for much longer. What are the best tanning products for indoor tanning? Keep reading to find out!

  • Black Caviar – provides an instant effect of radiant, brown skin, deepens your tan and nourishes the body with natural nutrients.

  • Booster – white tanning accelerator with no bronzer.


    with no bronzer

  • Magnifique – bronzer accelerator, a luxurious product that deepens the effects of tanning and protects your skin against the first signs of aging.

  • X-Legs – bronzing lotion for legs and hard-to-reach parts of the body, which, thanks to the highly darkening formula, makes you look extremely attractive.

  • Magma  triple tanning bronzing lotion for advanced users, it reacts immediately with the skin, creating an intensely deep tan.

Which sunscreen (SPF) to choose?

If you sunbathe in the sun, be sure to not forget about a good sunscreen. Choose the protection you need depending on the weather and the length of sun exposure. When it comes to the body, our most common choice is an SPF30. It is strong enough to protect your skin against UVA and UVB radiation, without you having to worry about missing out on that beautiful tan - a moisturizer with SPF 30 filter will not block the tanning process. That said, when it comes to the face, we recommend a stronger product - preferably an SPF 50. Only the highest protection is able to stop some of the UVA radiation that accelerates the aging process of the skin.

When is the best time to sunbathe?

Are you planning a sunbathing session? Be sure to choose the most convenient time. Avoid the sun between 12:00 and 15:00 since that is when it’s the strongest. Sunbathe in the morning or after 15:00, especially if you have a fair complexion.

Remember that your shade of tan is an individual matter. We are all unique - we have a different skin phototype and tanning tendencies. Your tanning method of choice (indoor or sun) and cosmetics are also vital factors that impact the final tan effect.

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