Recently, we have introduced many new tanning lotions to the market that have already gained a large group of fans among tanning enthusiasts. Professional tanning lotions in the tanning beds are still surprised with new properties and a more beautiful tan. Our tanning products feature ultra dark bronzer, bronzing body lotion, and triple tanning bronzer with a tingle effect. Which tanning cosmetics should you choose for tanning in tanning beds? 

How to tan legs?

We are sure proud of our tanning lotions for legs  – Both Sexy Legs white bronzer and the Very Sexy Legs tingle tanning lotion guarantee a stunning even tan, but now it's time for something completely new! 

Best tanning lotion for legs

The innovative bronzer for tanning legs and hard-to-tan body parts is a real bestseller in 2021. X-Legs was awarded as a bestseller on the Amazon US and it has taken 1st place in the Body Bronzers category. This means that our ultra-dark leg tanning bronzer has become a favorite of tan lovers all over the world! What's so special about it? In addition to the captivating effects of a chocolate tan, X-Legs has been enriched with hair growth inhibitors. They actively work on the hair follicles, thus inhibiting their growth. Perfectly tanned legs and perfectly smooth skin? Now it’s all possible!

Instant Bronzer

The only such product in our offer - La Playa Instant Bronzer by Onyx - is a bronzing body lotion that guarantees an immediate tan without the need to expose the body to the sun or UV lamps. How does body bronzer work? Just apply the lotion to your skin and admire your natural tan. The rich caramel-based formula will give your skin a sunny glow for the effect of slightly sun-kissed skin. Tanning for the fair-skinned? La Playa is the perfect balm for people with a fair complexion and for all those who do not have time to tan in tanning beds. Bronzing body lotion also works well as a tanning fixer. It enhances the color of your tan and gives it an extra glow!

Tingle tanning and the triple power of black bronzer

If your tanning sessions aren’t giving you enough satisfaction anymore, we have something to break your natural tanning barrier! Magma is an ultra-dark tanning bronzer with a tingle effect for advanced tanning users. Tingle tanning lotions - how do they work? Magma will warm up your skin, improving blood circulation and providing a very dark tan in a very short time. After using a cosmetic with tingle effect, you may feel a slight tingling or burning sensation, but don't worry - it's natural. This will all guarantee an exciting experience during your tanning session, and an ebony tan at an alarmingly fast pace on top of that!

Treat yourself to the new Onyx tanning cosmetics and change the face of your tan!