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Professional Tanning Lotion

Onyx is a superior quality professional indoor tanning lotion. Our tanning lotions guarantee a dazzling tan while caring for a great condition and youthful appearance of your skin. On top of that, they make each tanning session more pleasant. The motto of our brand is "Yes, we tan" – it includes our core mission, which is to give you the most perfect tan ever. We believe that having well-groomed and beautifully tanned skin automatically boosts our mood. For over 22 years, we have been striving to introduce cutting edge solutions for indoor tanning, which is why we are constantly expanding our tanning lotions offer. To give you one example, the range of our tan products has been joined by lotions enriched with breakthrough solutions for tan enhancement and skin care. We don’t just stick to standard recipes – we do so much more! We bet on innovative ingredients that allow to achieve beautifully tan skin after each solarium session while taking care of your skin condition, hydration, and firmness. Our tanning lotion formulas are packed with original complexes that maximize your tan and nourish your skin, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding tanning enthusiasts. Our tanning lotions allow you to get the most out of each tanning session, while providing your skin with the highest level of care.

Why is it worth betting on our tanning lotions brand? We guarantee that our tanning products are the highest quality indoor tanning cosmetics out there, and that they will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy and perfect tan thanks to vitamin- and nutrient-rich formulas packed with innovative bronzing complexes. Our bronzers, bronzing intensifiers, tan accelerators and tingle tanning lotions meet the most stringent cosmetic standards and are subjected to numerous tests which ensure safety and 100% satisfaction.

Our development is all thanks to you – Onyx Tan is you!