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Black Caviar - Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion with Multi-X Bronzing Complex

Black Caviar - Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion with Multi-X Bronzing Complex

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Experience the most unpredictable lavish bronzing power of the Majestic Multi-X Bronzing Complex. Black Caviar is an ultra dark tanning lotion that guarantees the darkest results possible.

Why should you choose this lotion?

  • Black bronzer. Ultra dark tanning lotion guarantees an insanely dark tan because of its Multi-X Bronzing Complex.
  • Instant results. Immediate dark tan after one tanning bed session so you can enjoy a dark tan faster than ever.
  • Tan enhancer. Upgrade your tan thanks to the all-natural bronzing ingredients such as Erythrulose and DHA.
  • Professional tanning lotion. A must-have for tanners who love a long-lasting tanned look, but don’t want too much sun exposure.
  • For all skin tones. The formula is suitable for all skin types and ensures gradual tanning so the final effect will be even darker.
  • Natural ingredients. Enjoy a perfect tan and maximally moisturized and nourished skin thanks to Shea Butter and Argan Oil.
  • No post-tan odor. Any unpleasant post-tanning aroma so you can stay fresh while getting dark.

    Size: 6.76 fl. oz.

    Fragrance: Prelude of Paradise (fresh tones, tropical fruits).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 87 reviews
    Alise Nitavska (DE)

    Its ok , I was hoping on nicer smell , smell was not kind of what i like

    Mike Welsch (DE)
    Mega Produkt

    Zarte Haut und wundervolle langanhaltende Bräune

    Linzi Webb (GB)
    Very nice

    Nice. Can’t wait to use again.

    Lewis (US)
    It works

    Wife likes it

    Heather Dopson (US)
    Love the product

    I lovethis product first time I could tell a huge difference getting out of the tanning bed. My new favorite for sure