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X-Legs - Ultra Dark Bronzer Tanning Lotion with Hair Growth Inhibitors

X-Legs - Ultra Dark Bronzer Tanning Lotion with Hair Growth Inhibitors

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Make your legs look incredible with X-Legs Bronzer! It was designed especially to darken hard-to-tan body parts. It is formulated with a high dose of natural and cosmetic bronzers – DHA, Caramel, and Erythrulose and provides an instant deep tan.

What makes X-Legs tanning bronzer stand out?

  • Innovative tanning lotion. Designed for tanning legs and hard-to-tan body parts, works as an outdoor & indoor tanning lotion.
  • Bronzing formula. Natural DHA, Caramel & Erythrulose provide an instant deep tan.
  • Active Hair Growth Inhibitors. This tanning bed lotion makes unwanted hair softer and less visible.
  • Silky Smooth Blend. A blend of precious oils leaves your tanned skin smooth and fabulous.
  • Make-up for your legs. Improves the overall appearance of your skin by covering any freckles, veins, or imperfections, giving it a long-lasting bronzed look.
  • Anti-Cellulite Oil. This tanning lotion helps to improve the texture of your skin for a more toned and tightened appearance.
  • Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Cocoa Butter. This tanning bronzer leaves your skin tanned, smooth, and moisturized.

Size: 6.8 fl. oz.

Fragrance: Sweet Dessert (vanilla, toffee, fruit).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Madison Layla (GB)
Makeup for your legs !

This Ultra Dark Bronzer is advertised as make up for your legs and thats exactly what it is ! It contains natural DHA, Caramel & Erythrulose which gives you in instant deeply rich tan. It also contains Active Hair Growth Inhibitors and Anti-Cellulite Oil making your hairs softer and less visible whilst tacking any cellulite ! The oils leave your legs looking and feeling silky smooth, moisturised and hydrated. Great product.

Rose Lyn (GB)
Even coverage

The Onyx x-legs is described as a ultra dark like bronzer I wasn’t sure if this meant it was going to develop over time or a make up type coverage and it seems that it is the latter. It does contain lovely ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil which you will probably be able to smell it has a really delicious fragrance and doesn’t have that strange smell as keen fake tan is know too well. It is not as dark as I thought which is fine by me as I’m fairly fair but the colour is definitely buildable. It leaves the skin with a nice soft Sheen which I think it was looks good on legs. It does say that it doesn’t have now skin protection in the Sun so if you are out in the Sun please use sunscreen.I will always find that legs take the longest to get a colour so while you’re waiting for that to build up or are you just want to save time this is perfect to use.

Sumamum (GB)
Gives instant colour

This comes in good sized tube and has pleasant scent, it’s not fake tan I thought it was but a bronzer to give instant colour boost or enhance tan.The cream is dark and has very shimmery effect when goes on but over a few hours it seems to lighten although still shimmers in light.Be good for enhance tan or instant colour for parties.Apply with mitt as would fake tan.

Kelli (US)
Works great

Works great. Inexpensive for an indoor tanning product, truly a bronzer. No orange tones

non greasy but its an accelerator - not a tanner

I can see how this product can be confused for a self tanner or gradual tanner but its more of an accelerator to use in the sun or along side sunbeds.the cream itself has a nice tint that does give a very subtle glow appearance but i think this is more of a guide than to actually add any colour to your skin.It spreads well and doesn't leave your skin feeling to greasy or oily but it does leave a residue that you can feel on your skin - more like a heavy moisturiser.I cant say I've noticed a difference in tanning colour but this may be due to the actual lack of sunshine as i don't use tanning beds.I haven't noticed a difference in my hair growth being thinner or softer but it has calmed down a lot of shaving irritation and itchy regrowth. Again i cant say I've noticed a vast difference in any chance in cellulite.The smell is really pleasant, slightly coconutty and reminds me of holidays!Would personally be a little bit pricy for me but i have heard of this brand a lot more for tanning salons.